Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Love Dancing!

I have a confession to make... I love dancing! (Okay, this isn't really a confession, I will literally tell anyone who listens... I get a bit evangelical about stuff I love!).

I've always loved shakin’ it, but it wasn't until I started Zumba in my 4th year of university that I really realized how much I love dance. I have tried to like exercise so many times in my life, and it just never works. Outside of team sports (which require a lot of commitment and time) I have never enjoyed any form of exercise. I'm your classic, goes to the gym for 3 weeks and then quits kinda gal.

Photo from: City Dance Corps Website

That was until I found dance! After I started Zumba it was like I had found my exercise match. My one true form of fitness! Each time I went I got slightly less awkward, and a little more committed to the moves.

Now, after a short hiatus (due to location), I am at a different studio trying out a whole variety of dances. I am currently taking drop in classes for Hip-hop, Afrofusion, and Dancehall. - Oh man, are these fun… I'm talking laugh and smile through the whole class kind of fun.

Each class I get a little more comfortable in my moves, a little less worried about how I look, and a lot more confident that dance is an absolute must in my life. It’s such a good feeling when you get your body to move in sync with the music.

Best of all I'm getting exercise, but I don’t even think about that. It is so much more about wellness, joy, and fun than anything else, and I love that!

If you are in Toronto, check out the drop in classes at CityDance Corps (located at Spadina and Queen), I can’t say enough good thinks about their teachers, facilities and classes. 

(As a bonus, I now think I am BeyoncĂ© when I go out dancing at a bar. Let’s just pretend I look as good as I feel!)

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