Monday, November 10, 2014

DIY Buttons!

Recently I found out that a store close to me rents a button machine! This was very exciting information.
(The buttons above will be avaliable at a craft fair I am selling at - details to come. They will also be avaliable on my Etsy shop* opening December 14th!)

Upon the discovery that I could make my own buttons, I promptly organized a button making party with a few friends! It was a huge success and so much fun.

We ended up with 6 people and 200 buttons. More than enough to go around! We probably only needed 150, but it was great to be able to have some extras to play with and not worry if a few turned out a little wonky.
I made the bulk of the buttons, as I was planning to make some to sell on my Etsy Shop*. But it was so much fun to see what everyone else made there buttons out of. We also took the pins off of the back of a few and glued magnets onto them. Instant DIY magnets!

I have long been a lover of buttons. I always had a pile of pins and buttons on the back of my school bag growing up. Whether they were proclaiming to "SAVE THE EARTH" or simply "BE HAPPY!" I kind of just love them... So let's face it - buttons are amazing.

*Etsy Shop opening soon! Details to come! :)

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