Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Selling my Art

I haven't mentioned it here on the blog yet, but I am preparing to sell at my first ever Craft Fair this December. I am very excited about it, and have been listening to pod-casts and reading blog posts all about everything Craft Fair. From pricing products, to setting up a display, it is all exciting and fascinating to me.

I will be sure to share the details of when and where the Craft Fair is, once it is all finalized, but in the mean time I have a little (tiny) story. Last week I had a follow up appointment with a Podiatrist (my feet are now doing great, thanks Dr!) anyways... he asked what I would be doing after the appointment, and I said sewing! Lucky for me he asked... what for? I explained that I was preparing for a Craft Fair in December, and he promptly order 3 pencil cases for his daughters! Without even seeing my work, or knowing my prices. It was a very cool moment, and I was thrilled to get a sale before I even had my shop ready. 

These pencil cases were made with his daughters in mind, and aren't the style I plan on making for the Craft Fair, but I wanted to share them here anyways. I love how the little buttons look on them. 

Now I'm just hoping the girls like them! 

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