Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Pillow Covers!

I recently moved into a semi-furnished room. I am between houses, and am just subletting for a few months until I find a place that I (hope to!) stay for a more extended amount of time.

In the mean time, I have been provided with an awesome double bed, with a pretty great gray comforter. Unfortunately, all my pillows were random colours that didn't match. Lucky for me I had a LOT of matching scrap fabric, for a large pillow cover, and the local fabric store had a massive sale this weekend. All this combined meant new pillow covers for me!

I decided to try something new for the longer pillows this time (the big one in the back, and the small one to the right on the bed above) - I added zippers! I thought it would be beneficial to be able to take the covers off for washing, but the shape made them a bit awkward for just slip in covers. The zippers were much easier than I imagined, and I love the clean look of them.

This is the tutorial I followed to put the zippers in: it is very clear, and such a good method!

Lucky for me, they were extremely affordable to make, and really pull my room together. I'm so glad I made them! 

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