Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pretty Pillow Case

There is a tradition here in The Netherlands called Sinterklaas. It mostly involves gifts for kids, but seeing as I never lived here when I was a kid, I decided I would give some gifts anyways! It is celebrated between November 16th to December 5th... and you receive your gifts on Dec 5th. Sadly for me, I will be leaving on November 13th, before the celebration begins. BUT luckily like Christmas in Canada, the decorating and getting excited seem to start at least a month before the actual event. Perfect.

So with all the Sinterklaas fun in mind, I decided to make a travel themed pillow case as a gift. And then to make it more relevant to the holiday, I threw in some Sinterklaas candy!

It was fun to finally do some piecing again. I haven't made a quilt this year, so most of my sewing projects have been a lot more straight forward. I was thinking of doing a log-cabin style quilt block for the front, but as I was sewing, I really enjoyed how the "Travel the World" fabric looked with solid blocks around it. Plus isn't all this travel fabric amazing!

Fabric Details:
the inner fabric is "Travel The World in White" by Timeless Treasures, the next ring out is "British Tube Map in White" by Timeless Treasures, the next ring out is a simple airplane print that sadly I can't remember the name of, and the last ring out is a simple grey and white stripped fabric I found at a local market.
On the back I used the same grey and white stripped fabric along with "Fabric Colourful Washi Tape in Grey" also by Timeless Treasures.

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