Sunday, June 9, 2013

Something Sunday: Mothers Day Embroidery

This year for Mothers Day, I knew exactly what I wanted to make my Mom. I had had this idea since last year, but I knew I wanted it to be for Mothers Day, and not Christmas or anything else. I got the idea (and basically the pattern as well) from CraftyDame over at Crafster. I fell in love with her piece, and new my Mom would too!

I stenciled out the pattern, on a nice sunny day, and it worked out easier then I had anticipated. (although, one day, I do dream of having a light box for tracing!)

And after all the prep work, and actual embroidery, I got it done! And I am so pleased with it! And I don't think I've ever seen my mom so thankful for a gift I've made or bought her. It was actually a really special moment, and I was thrilled that she loved it too.

Sadly, I gave it to my Mom before getting good pictures. BUT She loved it so much she is planning on getting it framed properly, by an actual framer! So once that is done, I'll get some more pictures to share with you!
As always, thanks for reading :)

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