Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

I loooove this holiday! It's so great. And because I'm (a) loud and (b) unnaturally passionate about really random things, anyone who knows me, knows about my love for this day. And because my friends have been forced into learning this about me, they have been kind enough to get excited with me! And even though I'm away from home this year I've been lucky enough to receive a few sweet valentines all the way over here in The Netherlands! I got two adorable cards in the mail, and I had potentially the best poem ever sent to me yesterday.

From Anna

From Kallie (also, notice the hand made goodness)

And the poem (by the lovely Lindsay Smyth, with help from Rihanna)
(Written to the tune of Rihanna, Only Girl)

Want to make you feel like you're the only girl in the world
Like you're the only one that loves this day
Like you're the only one who decorates for this day
Only girl in the world...
Like you're the only one whose favorite holiday is today
Cause you're the only one who understands, like you're the only one who loves this day,
only one...

It should also be noted, I may have sang "only girl in the world" to this particular friend a few too many times!

If you want to see my previous Valentines day creations you can see them here and here!
I hope you all have a lovely, magical, and wonderful Valentines day!

ps: If you want to read about why I love it, check out last years post here. Not going to lie, it's still one of my favourite posts I've written.

edit: I got this one this morning, and it was too cute not to share!

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