Sunday, December 23, 2012

Something Sunday 51: Travel Sewing Kit

Last week I made a little bag to take my hand sewing projects with me on the train! The only problem is, this week I found an even better pattern for possibly the best sewing bag ever! Oh well! For now, I have this bad boy, and I know it will work just fine.

It's definitely colourful, and I love that! I also used up the last bit of my travel fabric which was good because I didn't think I'd have another "travel" item to use it on. It has two pockets on the outside and two on the inside, which will hopefully come in handy! I do wish I had added interfacing so it held its shape a bit better, but like I said, it will do for now!

Also, I am really freakin proud of the zipper on this one (anyone who knows about my sewing habits, knows I always hate my zippers), so this was a big deal for me! Sewing joys!

PS: I missed both Something Sunday and Wordless Wednesday here on the blog last week! Oops! I've been so busy since I moved I forgot to post anything. BUT I have everything lined up for the last bit of 2012, and I'm happy to say I will have achieved my Something Sunday goals, and I only missed one Wordless post (this week) I'd say that is pretty good!

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