Sunday, December 9, 2012

Something Sunday 49: Sleeping Mask

After staying in a few different hostels I've realized that the people with sleeping masks and ear plugs are the ones who have it figured out! As lame (and kind of diva-ish) as this item may seem, I'm very happy I made it. I already used in on an airplane ride! Plus if it's home made, people can't assume I'm a diva, right??

Ya... I spelled accurate wrong, but I didn't want to re-make the image. oops!

I used this amazing flannel fabric that I got from a friend of mine (nothing is quite as good as free fabric!) and I had left over elastic from an old project. The mask came together in under an hour and I had to unpick a few errors along the way, so it could come together even faster if you don't mess up! I used this tutorial from Nifty Thrifty Things and found it to be really easy to follow (I messed up because I thought I had it figured out and stopped reading, not because it was unclear!)

I'm so glad I made it out of flannel and not silk (like you see in stores) because it is so soft and cozy when I wear it. It's like pajamas for your face!

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