Monday, November 26, 2012

Something Sunday 47: Sewing Supplies Case

Still can't upload pictures! I will try and fix the issue tomorrow, and have some pretty creations to share! Fixed it! Yay

I've been continuing to work through a long list of things to make before I move. Last week I shared that I had finished almost everything I hoped to, and I thought I should give a final update on the list today because I move tomorrow! (If you're new, read about the move here)

Update on my list of things to make before I move in 1.5 weeks tomorrow:
- Travel sewing kit (Just finished this one!)
- Pillow case to match my new bed quilt (not done)
- Messenger bag (not done)
- Christmas gifts for my immediate family - 4 different gifts (2 of 4 done!)

In the last week I finished my travel swing kit (which I'm not sure if I love yet) and two of my family gifts (thankfully I'm happy with these!). I've been on a crazy sewing bender, and I'm so glad I got so many of my sewing goals complete in the last few weeks. I'll just have to make the messenger bag and two xmas gifts once I'm settled into The Netherlands!

Now, on to the Sewing Supplies Case...

This may remind you of the jewelry case that I shared two weeks ago, and that's because I used the same tutorial and just changed the dimensions. This is approximately 2 inches larger that the original tutorial found at Gwenny Penny. I am so thrilled with how it came out, and I'm even more thrilled that I will have an organized way to keep my sewing supplies for the whole year that I am away!


The only issue I have run into is that I have very sharp sewing scissors (not in the picture) and I'm afraid they will poke right through the vinyl or the fabric, so for the time being I've just put some tape around the sharp tip. I do hope to sew a small blade cover eventually so that I wont have to keep taping them! Even with the scissor issue I am very happy with the result overall and I can't wait to get using it!

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  1. You are ready to roll! Looks great Carly.
    Wondering...could you stab the end of your scissors into a little rolled blob of something akin to Silly Putty or another rubbery substance like a chunk of an eraser?

  2. I think in future you'll need to remake this kit in Kevlar. What's that run a square foot?