Sunday, November 4, 2012

Something Sunday 44: Travel Accessories

I realized recently that I have never had a luggage tag on my travel-pack... which I actually can't believe. It's such an important thing to make sure you have! (Thankfully I have never lost it) I was just planning on buying one, but $4 for a little tag seemed too much, so I made one! (Okay, I made 3!) When I was looking up tutorials, I found tons of other great things and I ended up making a set of travel accessories.

My new and cute travel tags!

The fabric squares below are just decorative handle wraps. There is really no practical reason for them, but I couldn't stop myself!

The third piece of the set is a simple cord wrap. I saw a tutorial for one using a button, but I thought Velcro would give me more room for larger or smaller cords.

You can see the tag and handle wraps attached to my lovely travel-pack below. I don't usual travel with many things that plug in, but I do tend to have at least a charger to two, so hopefully the cord wraps will come in handy as well!

I'm pretty excited to use these! I'll explain why I made 3 of each later this week :)

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