Sunday, November 11, 2012

Something Sunday 45: Travel Jewellery Case

Oh man, I think this might be my favourite thing I've ever made (that isn't a quilt). I love it, and I can not wait to use it on my upcoming trips!

I found this great tutorial (seriously, so easy to follow) over at I think I made the whole thing, start to finish, in under 2 hours, so it was a nice easy project too! And as a bonus, it was a perfect item to use my travel fabric which I didn't have a plan for!

Don't feel like you need to look too closely to the seems in these next few pictures! It's far from perfect, but it should function just fine :)

The tutorial suggests using a snap to close up the jewellery holder, but I've yet to learn how to do that, so I went with trusty sew in Velcro. If you make sure to buy some good quality stuff (that is sew in, not sticky) at a fabric shop, it should last you a pretty long time. Plus, if you're making this, you'll know how to replace the Velcro if you do eventually ware it out.

Glad to have this item done!

Still on my list of things to make before I move in 3 weeks:
- Travel sewing kit 
- Case for all my tools
- Lens cap case
- Pillow case to match my new bed quilt (I may be bringing my quilt with me.... it was suggested online that you use a quilt to protect your sewing machine when you move it, so I basically have to!)
Laundry bag for when I travel (still not sure if this will be helpful for backpacking)
- Patchwork lanyard for my keys (this one may have to wait)
- Messenger bag (pretty sure this one will have to wait too..)

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