Sunday, October 7, 2012

Something Sunday 40: Mug Rug

This week I was really happy to get rid of some of my fabric scraps. I decided to make an improvisation-ally pieced coaster or "mug rug" for my desk, and I used only scraps to make it.

I spill almost every time I bring a drink onto my desk, so I have been meaning to sew one of these for ages. I'm happy to finally have it, although, I have a feeling it will be covered in stains faster then I'd like. Unfortunately I took these pictures at night, so they aren't as lovely as I'd like, but at least I didn't miss my Sunday deadline!


 I did simple quilting on this one, with just straight lines the presser foot width apart. I really love tight quilting, but never have the patients to sew it on actual quilts, so it was fun to get to do that with this mini-project!

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