Sunday, September 23, 2012

Something Sunday 38: Give-Away!

Give away now closed! Thanks to all who entered!

I am so excited to hold my first give-away here at A Sewcial Life! It is a celebration marking both my 200th  post (which was actually 2 weeks ago, here) and reaching over 15,000 views! I am so excited to be able to share something I've made with someone who reads my blabing on about crafts!

I am giving away a tote bag. It has 4 pockets if you can't tell from the pictures, and is completely reversible! Also, it has dinosaurs on it, and I just think that's fun!

How to enter (2 ways):
1. Leave a comment in the comments section below
2. Tweet about this give-away with a link to the post, and then come back and leave another comment saying you tweeted about it (I will be checking these, so please also leave your twitter name!)
** 3. Please leave your email or a way to contact you if you do not have an email posted in your blogger profile! Thanks **

And if you want to follow me on twitter, my name is CarlyMFriesen. (That won't get you an extra entry, but you might get to find out odd and useless facts about me, such as when I eat lunch, and if it was good. haha)

I will announce who won next Sunday! Good-luck! 


  1. i tweeted about this bud! my twitter is #lame but Im @madainsel (Haha it used to be a shared account!) and my email is

  2. I love your blog! and this bag is super cute! you make the most awesome creations!

  3. love your blog!

  4. i love this bag carly. you are mega talented. (also a great dancer.)

  5. I love the bag, Keep up with good work, my email is and ive tweet this! :) Would love to win one ..

  6. Absolutely love it! Such a cool fabric.

  7. Hey Carly! Congrats on your awesome blog!

    I used your cute clutch tutorial to make some pretty great gifts for my room mates over the summer. I was thinking that it would be really sweet if you could put up a tutorial for this project as well? That way, every one could learn how to make their own tote, even if they don't win. So every one wins! I really like the fabric you chose. And I like that it's reversible.

    On the subject of dinosaurs... wanna hear a joke?

    What do you call a dinosaur that smashes everything in its path?
    Tyrannosaurus wrecks! HA!