Sunday, September 16, 2012

Something Sunday 37: Another Camera Case

I made another camera case this week! After I made my friend one a few weeks ago (and altered the pattern to fit the camera better) I wanted to make myself a better one! The first one I made did the job, but it was really bulky, and not very snug to the camera.

This time I used thinner, 1/2 inch foam for the side walls, but I still used the 1.5 inch thick foam for the base. If I end up making another one, I think I will stick with the 1.5 inch thick foam because I think the extra protection is worth it. (I used 1.5 inch think foam on this one, and I think it's the best version so far)

To show you how much better I have made the size, above is a picture of the old and new cases side by side. It is significantly smaller, and it still fits my DSLR fine. I think the smaller one is actually safer for the camera too because it fits snug around the camera, and doesn't let it move around. 

I'm glad I have my new little case, because I think it will help encourage me to bring my camera out. And it fits it to more of my purses!

Next week I will be doing a give-away here as a celebration of my 200th post and over 15,000 views! YAY!

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