Sunday, September 9, 2012

Something Sunday 36: Arm Guards for Ana

My cousin Ana is awesome. She is the cutest little girl that I know (okay, she is tied for cutest with my other cousins, but she is adorable!) As I've mentioned before (here) she has special needs and has a habit of biting her forearm. Unfortunately her habit of doing that can hurt her little arm. I've made her a few before, but being the busy little girl that she is, she has worn them out! I've sewn a few more arm guards to help protect her arm! 

I've model them just to give you an idea of what they are, but I image they will look much cuter (and appropriate) on her smaller arm!

I've been missing my family so much lately (they live a province over). It always helps me to feel more connected to them if I can sew projects for them. I also made my Aunt a little zippered case as a gift for completing her masters degree a few weeks ago too. (but I forgot to take a picture, oops!)

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