Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Labelling your Cutting Tools

Just a small something I've learned along the way.

With all the sewing and crafting I do, I own tons of scissors and two rotary cutters. People had mentioned to me many times that you should reserve your scissors for fabric OR paper but not use them for both as they will dull much faster. I always wanted to follow this advice, but then I'd always forget which was for which, and I'd end up using all my scissors and cutters for both paper and fabric.

I finally noticed my good scissors getting dull, and wanted to make a point of keeping them separate. All it took for me was a label. Once I added a label to my fabric scissors and rotary cutter it was enough of a reminder that I stopped using them for paper as well! It took me all of 5 minutes to do, but it has helped a ton!

I don't have any "special" paper scissors, so all I had to do was label my best pair of scissors as fabric only and all the un-labelled ones can be for paper or whatever else I might be cutting or crafting.

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