Monday, September 3, 2012

Coffee Filter - Problem Solved

I just moved to a new place, and its great! It's super affordable rent, and easy going roomies (and my first time living with boys...whaaaaat?) The roomies are very busy though, and often gone by the time I wake up (I don't sleep in too late, I promise). Anyway, I've been making coffee alone the past few mornings, and a coffee pot for one person just seems like a lot of work. My parents have had a handy single serve filter forever, and I have recently seen them around all over the place. It seemed like a simple solution.....
Well, it would have been a simple solution, except that I checked about 4 stores before I actually found one, and when I did, it was $30! Yikes. So, I thought I'd get a little creative. 

(first picture from here, second picture from here)
First, I thought I could just put a filter inside a mason jar with the band (not the lid) holding the filter in place. This may actually work with larger filters but I only had the small triangle sized filters, so I could only pour a few millilitres (small amount) of water in at a time... fail.

My next idea was to just use an actual funnel. I'd seen one at the dollar store the day before, so I ran out and got it. For the record the sticker on it said for kitchen use! I got it home, but because the funnel had such a long spout it couldn't sit right in the coffee cup like the kind I had seen in stores. That was no problem though, because I still had my tall mason jar lying around! Now I have the most awesome coffee system ever, and it only cost me $1.13.

I just have to make sure I use a cloth when picking up the mason jar to pour it into my mug, because it is super hot!

PS: This is my 200th post! Can't believe it!


  1. Super creative, good job! I usually drink 3 cups (for shame) so it's worth it to make a pot for me.

    1. thanks! I'm still just at one cup, but we'll see for how much longer haha

  2. good job on that I don't drink coffee but my husband does so I will pass this along!