Sunday, May 27, 2012

Something Sunday 20: Pencil Case

A few weeks ago The Life of a Cupcake hosted a giveaway that I sponsored. I had one case made but I said I would make 2 additional cases of the winners choice. This week I finished the two additional cases and sent them off to the winner!

The case I had already sewn is the larger blue case (that I wrote about before) and the pencil case and wristlet are the new ones.

Because I was travelling when the winner was announced it took me almost 5 weeks to get the giveaway into the mail. In an attempt to make up for the delay, I added a little hand-made notebook to the prize.

It was great to have a project with a deadline this past week. I had been away from crafting for what felt like a very long time, so I'm glad to be back at it :)


  1. That fabric is cool. I tagged you some awards.

  2. I just received the cases and holy cow, I am in love!!! Thank you so much dear. :) I cannot wait to use them. You are super amazing. XO, Lesley Jean

    1. Glad they got there ok!! And thanks! I have to admit the pencil is one of my favourites :)