Sunday, May 20, 2012

Something Sunday 19: Summer Scarf

I bought some super light weight fabric when I was in India last August, and decided it was perfect summer scarf fabric. I only bought a meter, so I had to sew it with an awkward seem half way through the length of the scarf, but it isn't very noticeable once it's on.

I ended up making it longer than I intended, but this way I can wear it once or twice around my neck if I want to.

All the edges are just folded over twice and stitched up with white thread. Nice and simple! Next week I will have the cases I made for last months give-away winner to share. :)


  1. That fabric is beautiful! I'm a big fan of winter scarves...I have yet to wear a summer one. I always feel too hot!

    1. Thanks, I looove the fabric! And I agree, they kind of are to hot in the summer, I wear them more in the spring/fall to be honest!