Sunday, April 15, 2012

Something Sunday 15: Camera Strap Cover

As you may have noticed, I have been taking a lot of different pictures for my Wordless Wednesday posts. It has been a lot of fun recently because I just got a fancy new camera! (a Canon T3 if your curious, and so far, I love it!)

As soon as I got it, I knew I needed to make it a camera strap cover because it was far to plain looking. I used this simple tutorial, but added an extra 2 inches to the length of fabric at the beginning (so it was 24 inches long) and didn't include any fleece.

I used the last of my Melody Miller fabric on the strap and I'm so glad I had enough! I love the look of it, and its a canvas weight fabric so I know it will be able to stand up against a lot of use. 

I had so much fun making the one for myself that I ended up making a few more to sell at a small craft and art sale at my school. I ended up selling two which was pretty exciting for me considering I haven't sold any of my sewing before!

And lastly an indulgent picture of all my (and one borrowed) cameras! If you click on the image you should be able to read the camera names. From left to right, Olympus XB3 (film), Golden Half (film and borrowed), Fuji Instax 7S (instant film), and my new Canon T3... I should have some instant film images in the Wordless Wednesday post soon.


  1. We're camera twins! :) I got a Canon T3 in November. I am just now getting the hang of it though! :) I hate the strap that came along with it. You're right, it is plain. (And ugly.) Love your strap. Super cute idea!

    1. Its such a fun camera! And thanks :) I have to say, I read your blog after I saw you entered the giveaway, and I'm in love. Soooo much good on there!