Sunday, April 8, 2012

Something Sunday 14: Sewing Trash Can

This something Sunday is one of my favourite things I've sewn. It is really simple to make, but it is sooo handy! I made a sewing trash can. Basically it is a little bag that I can hang beside me while I sew, so that I can put all my little threads and scraps in it to avoid a mess. I still get somewhat covered in threads while I sew, but this has definitely limited the thread mess!

To make sure it doesn't fall off of the table while I fill it with sewing scraps and thread, it has a weighted squared at the top. This square is filled with rice, and conveniently can work as a pin cushion too

It was a fun and simple project, and I use it all the time! :)


  1. Oh Man! Might make one of these for my Momma (who always gets thread EVERYWHERE when she sews. I like the pincushion/weight :)

    1. thanks for reading! And I'm sure she would love it, I can't tell you how much thread I get every where haha