Sunday, March 25, 2012

Something Sunday 12: Summer Dress

I love dresses! They are so fun in the summer, and to be honest, they are way easier to ware because I don't have to match anything!

I normally don't sew clothing, I tend not to have the same success sewing them as I do with blankets and bags. I really don't enjoy patterns, and never use them, so my clothes can come out rather wonky at times. I sewed this dress about 2 years ago, and I was never quite sold on it... but last week it was so sunny and warm, I couldn't help but put it on.

Sometimes time away from a project helps I guess, because I was a lot happier with it when I put it on this year, than when I originally made it. I think the problem I had with it before was that I just didn't love the quality of work I had performed. I'm sure other sewers and artists can relate to seeing all the tiny flaws in your own work. But now, with some time away from it, I can see that for an ammeter sewer, I did okay! (Full Disclosure: My roommates encouraging words definitely inspired this new found confidence in my work!)  


Fun fact, when I was putting it on in that inspired morning, I couldn't find the sash that I normally ware with it. I was still kind of unsure about wearing it and was hunting down some kind of belt when I saw one of the shopping bags I accrued while traveling in India. I quickly ripped open the seems, cut the rectangle of fabric in half and then tied the two strips together to create on long ribbon of fabric! I definitely felt very DIY.   


  1. Very nice. I've made a few things for my girls but like you tend to over criticize my attempts. It's good that you are wearing it with confidence!

    1. thanks! glad to hear I'm not along with the self-criticism.