Friday, March 9, 2012

Scrapbook Journal Continued

I shared my first few entries in my scrapbook journal a little while ago, and I finally took a few more pictures of my latest entries!

Our Engineering Society hosts a 'fake new years' event sometime early on in the winter semester because most people are visiting there parent's over winter break and don't get to celebrate together. It is one of my favourite events that we hold because it is just so silly and fun! This year it was held at a bar, so on February 2nd  a whole group of us were out counting down at midnight yelling happy new years to a very confused bar! It was awesome.

I bought this book around the beginning of my last semester of university (January 2012) for me to just capture all that's happening. I feel like this semester has been flying by and I want to be able to look back and remember all that happened in this last semester of my undergrad! Do far its been easy and fun to maintain, and I think it will be awesome to look back on after I graduate :)

I still have about half of the pages left, and about a month and a half of school, so I imagine it will be easily filled up by the end. March is a very full month of activities for me, so I will hopefully have some neat pages to share in a little while. 

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