Sunday, February 5, 2012

Something Sunday 5: Crocheted Ear-Warmer/Headband

I hosted a craft night last Sunday, (which was tons of fun by the way) and a few of the girls were crocheting ear warmers. I was working away on a 2 year old project that was going to be something like a market bag.... needless to say, at 2 years in this thing was never going to get done. I really needed to let it go.

So I unraveled the silly bag, and joined in the ear warmer trend!

Yes, I do realize I am indoors with an ear warmer on and that these are mirror pictures, but I wanted to take pictures of it right away... I really think I'm going to have to start taking up my room-mates offer to take pictures for me. 

My sister bought this yarn for me while she lived in Germany so its extra special. And the colour of blinding pink is so awesome!

I'm trying to capture the true shade of overwhelming pink in the picture below. I think it is actually pretty close.

I'm pretty excited to start wearing it. I'll have to wait for it to get cold enough again though. We had about a week of cold and blistery snow, but apparently it is supposed to rain this week. It's too bad for me because I actually quite like winter! 


  1. I love projects that only take a night! There is something so satisfying watching your creation go from just a foundation chain into a finished product that you can actually use!

    Looks good!

    1. I love fast projects too. Its nice not to wonder when it will get done!