Sunday, February 12, 2012

Something Sunday 6: Wall Art

I have to admit this post is a bit of a cheat! The point of this Something Sunday series is to try and make one thing a week. The fact that I blog about it is a way to keep me on track and ensuring I actually do make something every week. This week I wasn't sure if I would have time, so I wrote this post early using something I made last week.

I feel like this is okay though because: a) I make the rules for my goals, so it doesn't really matter, b) I made a lot last week, and that should count for something! c) school has to come first during my busy weeks... even though I still day dream about crafting!

Anyway, on to the "something" that I made.

I sewed this piece of art for an Art Show that took place at my University last week. It is definitely the most thought out piece of wall art I have ever made, and was a challenge to finish.

Inspired by some of Karen Thiessen's work, I decided to make a piece reflective of how I was feeling in December. Throughout the month I recorded at least three times a day how I was feeling. The rules I made for the project were that I could only use one word to describe how I was feeling, and that I couldn't go back and look at the words I had used in the past to describe my feelings. This way, whatever I was feeling would be represented by the word that I felt most suited me in that moment.

Each fabric in the piece represents an emotion and the blank white squares are where I didn't write down any emotions. The beginning four blank squares are not in the month of December, however the other blank squares are just because I began to get tired of recording how I felt so often.

Here are some of the 'in progress' pictures. I started out sewing the calendar grid onto the plain white fabric.

Next I pinned all the emotion fabrics down and safety pinned the whole thing to a piece of batting to add dimension. I sewed all the pieces of fabric down and then sewed a line through each to add some more detail. 

I first tried to finish it off by attaching to a canvas that I had painted purple because it was the most occuring fabric colour (purple represented feeling happy!). 

Once I had it all done, I really didn't like the purple, so I took off the sewn part and re-covered the canvas with black fabric. I like the final product with the black far more then the purple. If you click on the image below you can read what I wrote on my artist card too. 

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