Friday, February 10, 2012

Art Show

Last week on Thursday, my friend and I held an Art Show at the University of Guelph. It was a lot of fun, and thankfully, a success!

I am in Engineering, and often don't have a way to show or share my creativity at school. Last semester my friend and I decided to change that, and to hold an art show for the science and engineering students. We ended up getting submissions from Biological, Environmental, and Water Resource Engineering students, as well as from math and stats, biology, zoology, and environmental science students. There was a great diversity of both students and art pieces.

The show took place in the new Engineering Building's Atrium, and with a few table clothes, ended up looking pretty nice!

My friend and I who organised it!

We let people enter multiple entries into the show and ended up with around 40 pieces (not counting each individual photograph in the two series that were submitted) and around 18 artists! Below are the three pieces I entered into the show. 
Figuring it Out

This piece is the Something Sunday this week! (Sorry for the spoiler, but there will be more details and pics on Sunday!)

Birch Bark
I blogged about the tree art last week here. It was nice to have it ready in time for the show!

Below are more pictures of the art and set up... and I have to admit, I'm still really excited about how it all came together.

Left: Rebecca Swabey, Center: Mine, Right: 

by: Sean Chilibeck 
A flower cake, and yes, all of those flowers are edible! By Laura Doyle
A wire knit bracelet with resistors and beads. By Emma Rogers
Foundation Pieced Bag. By: Emily Malcome
I was so excited to see another sewing submission! It was fun to find out that there are others on campus who like quilting too.

Hosting my first art show was a success!

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