Sunday, January 22, 2012

Something Sunday 3: Travel Bags

This week I made something that has been on my 'to make' list for a while. I made a set of oil cloth travel bags (oil cloth is water proof fabric). I didn't use water proof zippers, but these will still be able to keep my clothes safe from any minor shampoo leaks.

I really hate the amount of ziplock bags I end up using when I travel, so hopefully having this set on hand will limit that!

Oil cloth is pretty expensive fabric, so instead of getting a variety of different fabrics I just bought the nicest one that was on sale and used different coloured zippers to make each one unique. 

Side note: I think these might be some of the best bags I've made. (Normally I really don't like the edges by my zippers, but these bags have some solid corners haha)

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