Sunday, January 8, 2012

My First Something Sunday

Earlier I talked about my plans to start a re-occurring post on Sunday's about something I have created/made or done. I am excited to start off this series with a re-vamp for my walls. 

I bought an Instax Mini 7 (an instant film camera) earlier this year and I am loving it! I wanted to set up a way where I could display my pictures and add more as I take them. I found this idea on Hello Giggles and decided it was the perfect way to show my pictures.

I also took the time to add and re-range the rest of my wall art because I had to make space for this project. At Christmas I got 4 amazing prints from a friend of mine and so I put two of them up together in my room and I love how it looks. I also changed up the location of my Giraffe Embroidery and tidied up my book shelf. Overall it became a very productive photo/wall art re-vamp.


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