Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year, I was struggling between the idea of being an owl or a gnome. I came to the conclusion that I should be an owl when I found the most adorable owl glasses/mask tutorial on Martha Stuart.To make the owl costume I used A Beautiful Mess's 'Lady Bird' costume tutorial. 

 The only difference between the tutorial I followed and my outfit is that I used a cheap dress from the second hand store as the base for the fabric feathers. The tutorial suggests to use a pillow case as a base, but I wasn't sure how my body was supposed to fit into a pillowcase, so I went for the dress!

From left to right: Owl, Pocahontas, Princess Peach, and Mother Earth

My roomies and I attempting to pose as out costumes!
I was pretty impressed with my roommates costumes! None of us had the pre-made ones, everyone got their costume supplies from the second hand store and made them. The Pocahontas costume is made from a long XL skirt and was turned into a dress!

These are a few more friends with home-made costumes, up top is Olive from Little Miss Sunshine, and the front center is a 'cereal' killer! (there are plastic forks stabbing the box if you can't see)

That's it for the Halloween costumes this year. I'd say there was a pretty impressive assortment of costumes! I still want an excuses to make a gnome costume though.... I'll have to think of something.


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