Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quilts recover - almost there!

I'm sewing again!! And I'm loving it.
I really don't know how I survived before this hobby... I love it!

I finished the quilts recover top, back, and binding this week. I just found out from the quilts recover founder Cheryl that I can still donate the quilt even though I'm quite behind the deadline, BUT I have to get it to her asap. I need this baby in the mail early next week. Thankfully thanksgiving weekend (Canadian) is this weekend and I have Monday off school to quilt! :) To speed things up I'm going to bring it home to baste because I can do that while catching up with my sisters.

Here is the front, back and binding, all ready to go! Can't wait.

Front, with the little edge added


binding! (I still have to iron this, but its almost ready to go)

Can't wait to send this guy out. Also, I feel that I should start naming my quilts... I'm going to have to get used to the idea of it though, because right now all my name ideas seem lame to me. I'll brainstorm this weekend.

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