Sunday, October 16, 2011

Homemade Tea Bags

A little while ago I found the most amazing tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess.

The project was to make your own tea bags, and it seemed easy enough but the cute factor was through the roof! I knew I wanted to make my own tea bags as soon as I could find a break in school!
 I picked up some loose leaf tea and spices at a local tea shop, Bon The Place and got to it!

I used different thread as a way to label the different teas.

The pen is just there to give the picture some scale. 

I decided to make the tea for my friends birthday. I quickly learned how to make an origami box to put the tea in, and I think it made for a cute way to deliver the gift! (plus, I didn't have any wrapping paper. haha)

There is a little smudge on the top, but I think it adds to the 'homemade flare'...right? right?

Yum! Next time I will have to add more tea/spices per tea bag, because I did find the tea a bit week, but I also do tend to use massive mugs..
Have a great Sunday!

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