Sunday, June 5, 2011

A new Pillow! (and some family pics)

My cousin Andrew wanted a pillow with the Skull Candy logo on it. I tried my best to applique it on, and I am actually pretty proud of how it came out. I have never done such a complicated applique, and it was a lot of fun to try!

Here is the logo picture and the Pillow.


the pillow, looking a bit lumpy, but it has been smoothed out!

So there it is, the skull candy pillow, now living in my cousin's room!

Also, here are some pics from my Friday evening with my grandparents. Ya, I party pretty hard here, chillin with the G and G on a friday night! ;)

Me and Grandpa, not the best of me, but he just looks so cute!

The view from their balcony

The decorations on the balcony!

I won't be doing any crafting for the week because I'm gone up north to St Theresa Point until Friday, but hopefully I will have some good pictures to share when I return! :)

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