Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where I've been, and bad photo shop!

For any new readers, or passers by I will give a tiny background to this post. Although this is a sewing blog, I got a job away from home for the summer and have limit access or time to crafting and sewing. So in the mean time I am writing about my adventures this summer. For my job this summer I have been lucky enough to get to travel to areas of northern Manitoba. I am getting to see parts of the country I have never seen before, and I am really enjoying it. Some of the areas I am going to are so remote, that we have to fly into. So here is a little update of where I have been and where I am heading.

I have really only been to 4 different places so far, but it seems like I have seen so much! Next week I get to FLY into St. Theresa Point. The only roads that do go there are winter roads, so that only leaves the option of flying in at this point, and I am very excited.

Here is a horribly edited (on paint) map of where I went last week, and where I will be flying after next week.

 I may even get to go as far as Thompson this summer, but I will have to wait and see if I actually make it there! So far I have really enjoyed all the travel, and simply being somewhere so remote. It is definitely very different from the busyness of southern Ontario that I am used to.

On a different note, while I am back in the City (Winnipeg), I am trying to make the most of my time here too! Yesterday, I went to the Royal Canadian Mint with my cousin Andrew, and it was awesome! Here are a few pics from the adventure. Andrew took a bunch of artistic shots too!

Andrew on the quarter

with the RCMP moose

That is a 1/2 million dollar gold bar! Crazy!

Andrews Photo

Andrews Photo

me on the quarter!
That's what I have been up too! I have been trying to take as many pics as I can, but I need to remember to take more up north, it is beautiful there! Hopefully I will have more to share next week.

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