Sunday, April 10, 2011

What a Hoot!

I am officially hoping on the crafting owl's bandwagon. I see pictures of adorable hand made owls everywhere, and I thought my sister would enjoy a nice owl creation for her birthday, so I gave it a try!

I made an owl coin purse and a cute stuffie owl that matches her bed! (Its really handy when you have also made someones bed quilt and you have left over scraps!) This was a first try, so I'm not really sure how great my owl skills are, but thankfully sisters will love you even if you give them slightly off looking owl gifts :):)

Here are my little  attempts

being propped up by some post it notes

 I feel like the stuffed owl is giving me the stare down, but I do like his colours.

What a Hoot! ;)
I'm always nervous my homemade gifts will be something like a kid giving there mom a macaroni necklace for mothers day! It seemed as though Julia was excited though, hope so! :)

Also, to get the gift, my sister came to Guelph to hang out, and here are some lovely pics that came of our afternoon together.

work it!

Haters gonna hate.

part time model....

full time model!

 It was a lovely afternoon :)


  1. Amazing:) first the owl's then the modeling, what's not to love about this post! Also I know you are just practicing the owls to make stuffy toy's for my dog :P

  2. I named the stuffed owl Wolly! I will love him forever!