Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quilting Roommates 3.0

I'm onto my 3rd roommate, who has completed 2 stunning quilts! She made one for her bed, and one for her parents. They are very different but both look great!

The first one has unique squares, and is really bright and pretty! She used meandering quilting style on this quilt which is really difficult, and was SUPER impressive, especially for a first quilt.

 The back of this quilt she did a cool pattern with brown, light brown and white. 

Her second quilt (for her parents) is really cool. It is a beautiful H patten, and the colours are awesome. I looove the small cream border, and it is something I want to try for sure. (I always end up doing really large borders, but the small ones look so good)

The back of this quilt is really cool too. Its simple, but has that touch of fun creativity to it. I should also note, the colours match her parents house AMAZINGLY. Its great.

Work it!
Its fun being able to teach people how to quilt or assist them in what they want help with. Amanda was the first person I helped and was very patent with my "teaching". I tended to leave her unattended and often assumed she already knew a lot of sewing basics. She did however, learn very fast, and is now pretty darn good at sewing. I hope I have become better at teaching too!

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