Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quilting Friends!

Okay so the quilt I'm posting today isn't a roommate quilt, and it isn't someone I taught (I think she was quilting quite a bit before me actually). It is however a beautiful quilt! I'm showing you two awesome quilts made by Andrea Penny.

The first is a super cool rainbow(ish) star quilt with rainbow thread! And the other is called a rag quilt, but it is nothing like rags, it is awesome!

Huge and beautiful quilt!!

The back fabric looks sooo cool too

Now the rag-quilt. I don't have as many pictures of this one, but hopefully you get the idea. Very cute, and it looks super cozy!

The final roomie is getting pictures of the quilt today I think, so hopefully I can share her quilt soon! :)

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