Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quilting Roommates 2.0

I'm back already with another roommate quilt! This beauty of a quilt was made by my roommate Sky. She has already started on a second quilt for her parents (and has done a ton of other really cool sewing projects).

She made this quilt with stunning fabrics, and is super cool because both sides are so unique you don't really know which is the front or back. Both sides are totally usable as the front! The background fabrics on both are linen and it is very soft and cozy.

I really like the quilting patter on this one too. Just simple lines done the length of the quilt, but it fits the quilt very well. 

You can't tell the size very well from this, but it is about the size of a double bed, its pretty big! And its lovely!

2 more roomie quilts will be coming your way soon!

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