Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quilt back, and basted!!

I have been busy with everything lately, BUT i got in some time to finish sewing the back of the quilt, and I got it all basted! Im very happy because now, I should definitely be able to get it in by next Monday (if not earlier)! wow that seems soon, but I'm very excited.

Here are some pics of the back and the basted quilt (for those who don't quilt, basting just means having all three layers of the quilt pinned together, the front, batting and back.)

check it out!

the back of the quilt (with my signature in the right corner)

 back square, this was SO fun to make!

 the back of the quilt, all basted.

 My quilt picture assistant being a goof! :)

 All basted. (took soo long, but I watched Thelma and Louise while I basted it, so it was fun!)

 Me, just fluffing it out for more pics (you can see the back of the safety pins here a bit)

putting it away, to sew this week!
can't wait to see the final product, I'm very happy so far (thankfully!)

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