Thursday, March 3, 2011

an older project

I have had zero time to do any crafting the last while, and was sitting in the computer lab quite sad about it this afternoon. So I'm posting an old project until I can get to some new ones!

Here is an piece of embroidery I made for my friends banjo case. It is definitely the biggest piece of embroidery I have done, but it was a great challenge. I hope to get some better pictures, but I gave the case back as soon as I was done, so I only have these pics.

I had finished embroidering the whole knot when I realized I had actually sewn through an area that kind of ruin the whole design. Thankfully, it was an easy fix, and now the knot is as it should look. I'm actually pretty proud of this piece as I really had only done one or two small projects before I took this one on.

So there it is a piece of embroidery for you at the end of a very long thursday for me.

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