Monday, March 21, 2011

Donation Quilt DONE!

I finished the donation quilt and I dropped it off this morning! :) It felt really nice to have it all done, and in the end, I would say I'm quite happy with how it came out. It is definitely a modern quilt though, so hopefully that is someones taste.

The front of the quilt, all done! It looks a lot smaller to me now that its done, but I think its large enough for a cozy couch quilt, and definitely big enough for a single size bed.

 It is super awkward to pose with a quilt this big, I didn't know what to do, but hopefully someone gets a kick out of this particular pose.

some more details

the back of this quilt is one of my favorites. I really liked sewing that giant square, and I want to make a whole quilt out of that style now!

signature :)
So there it is, one more quilt, and my first quilt that isn't staying with me or going to an immediate family member.

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