Friday, February 11, 2011

cutting fabric

I'm starting to cut away at the fabric I bought for the auction quilt. And so far I'm happy with the plan!

Here are my two favorite blocks I have cut out so far.

 Here is a cropped image to show what they will look like

Hopefully next week I can cut a bunch more!


  1. What a great blog name. luv it! I do like square in square blocks.

  2. Ooo, love the birds with circles one.

  3. Sweet fabrics. I've enjoyed looking back through your blog to see how this quilt has progressed. The winning bidder on this beauty will be very lucky :) (I loved your mermaid pillow, too)

  4. Great combo so far.
    Can I give you an unsolicited tip? Sew the short strips on a bit long, then trim down. That way you can be sure you don't lose length on the center square.

  5. Love the fabric selection, can't wait to see more.