Monday, January 31, 2011

Quilted Pillow Case

Last year when a good friend of mine was moving into dorms she bought a new comforter for her dorm bed. She showed me the comforter, and it was a quilted blanket with lady bugs on it! It was very cute, and because it was quilted, I thought it needed a nice matching quilted pillow!

It was my first attempt at quilting something other then a blanket, and I actually really liked how it turned out. I had a bit of extra material, so I made a tube pillow to go with it.

Here is a little more detail on the actual quilting. I just followed sewed from the center out to the edge on each one. Its simple, but I think has a nice look.   

Below is the tube pillow I made out of the extra fabric. It was fun to make, but hard to sew closed (I had to hand sew.... yikes)! 

The background fabric is my old bedding, not the matching bedding!

Thats all! I am very excited to post my valentines projects soon, I have 4 different things to share!
Thanks for reading :)

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