Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Fabric and Joy

I found a picture of me from Christmas morning that shows pretty much how i feel about sewing. I'm holding all the lovely sewing things I got in my stocking. (needles, thread, pins, lots of lovely stuff) It's just a face of pure joy.

its almost to much joy... and mom in the back, looking' preoccupied

Here are 2 swatches of fabric that I just love, I got them on "free swatch day" from Spoonflower. (It is a website where you can design your own fabric and have it printed, these were designed by someone else though!)

I just liked these snails a lot, no reason, just cute!

This is the best darn math fabric ever! I can't figure out what im going to do with it yet. Math themed quit? I think I would have a hard time finding enough fabric, but it would be sooo great!

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  1. This pic of you and Mom is a gem! such a classic event, Carly is over the top pumped, mom... just doing her thing!