Monday, January 3, 2011

Mermaid Pillow

My roommate Julie looooves mermaids. So, I decided to make her a throw pillow with mermaids on it. Once I got the fabric though, I realized that it would look great if it was embroider too, so it became a bigger (and more fun) project without intention.

The fabric is by Heather Ross and is from the Mendocino line. I embroidered around the mermaids, and on their star fish bras with sparkly pink thread.

I think the sparkle is easier to see in this picture. 

I also added a bit of pink shiny thread detail to the brown boarder. I just used the pink thread in my machine to add the detail, its not very noticeable but I like how it turned out!

Unfortunately I wont get to sew to much in the next few days, fortunately the reason is because I'm going to a friends cottage! I will probably do some embroidery and/or crochet while I'm there though... I can't help it.

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