Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fabric Love, and a New Quilt!

I am making a new quilt for my bed and I have fallen in love with the fabric I picked out for it! I bought most of it at the Creative Festival in Fall, and I picked up the last three pieces at my local quilt shop, the Greenwood Quiltery. Before the winter break I looked at my bed and realized it was time for a new bed quilt, so that's what I'm going to use this fabric for!

The solid fabrics are all Kona Cotton Solids. I thought it would be hard to get the solid orange colour to match the patterned fabric, but it ended up matching perfectly :)

 The above are both Amy Butler from her line of fabrics called Love.

The polka dots in this are from Amy Butlers Love collection as well, but the yellow/blue fabric is from her Soul Blossoms line. 

 Again, the polka dot fabric is from Amy Butlers Love collection, but the top fabric with the flowery image, and the pink and yellow dots is from the Weekends line by Erin McMorris, with Free Spirit Fabrics.

And these two are more from the Love line by Amy Butler.

I don't know what pattern I'm going to make the quilt yet, I'm thinking maybe wonky squares. Something like this design that Crazymomquilts made. Its simple and will show off the fabric... I'm still deciding though.

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