Wednesday, January 5, 2011

did some one say GAGA?!

A while ago I decided I needed to make a Lady Gaga inspired bra. I had no event and no reason to do so, but it happened anyways!

 I saw an interview with her on Oprah I think, and she said she had made a similar bra (for her just dance video) herself (I'm assuming this was before she became incredibly famous, but who knows!).. anywho, I made my own!

I just super glued disco ball pieces to a cheap bra to make it!

A work in progress..

 Finally finished (although I think it only took me two movies to finish it, so probably 4 hours, not to bad.)


In Action!
Surprisingly I think it has been worn about 5 times. I've worn it twice, for costumes, and some of my roommates have used it in costumes (dressing up as Lady Gaga).

I also posted this on a website called Craftster a while ago and it made it to the top clothing items from 2010. Check it out!

Thanks for lookin' 

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  1. This is absolutely AMAZING I adore it so much. I am having a Gaga themed birthday party this summer and thanks to you I now have an outfit, well part of one. I am also making a magazine this summer and I would love it if I could feature you and this DIY project in the magazine. Let me know what you think.