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Hello! Welcome! I am very glad you have stopped by my blog.

I've been writing on this here blog since January 2011! (You can see my very first post here, if you are curious.) Since then this space has changed and grown a ton.... And since you are new here, I thought I would give you a heads up as to what you can expect from this ever changing space.

I have gone from blogging occasionally, to blogging weekly, to daily, and all the way back to occasionally. You can read about my decision to go back to blogging only occasionally here, it was a hard call for me, but something that I hope will make this space a little more fun and stress free for me!

But don't run off! I am still doing some blogging! I love to write on a huge variety of topics, and love getting inspiration from other blogs, so feel free to leave your blog in the comments below for me to have a read :)

So what are some of the things you will find here? Lately I have been writing a lot about one of my passions - Human Right's awareness. I talk about issues surrounding racial inequality, feminism, poverty, justice and everything in between.  

In also share my sewing, and crafting adventures. I share my travel stories, and favorite finds from the different places I visit. I also have a series called "I'm Thankful For" where I occasionally share the good things from the week. 

Since I've been lucky enough to get to travel a fair amount, I also write some posts with travel tips and tricks, and bits of advice. I share lots of my photography and pictures from my life. And I share what was the inspiration to start this blog in the first place: my quilts!

I also write tutorials, and DIY's every now and then. (The one above can be found here). I love to do scrap-booking, and paper crafts as well, and I share them here on occasion.

Basically - this is just a place for me to share. Share about my hobbies, interests, passions, and my life.

I hope you stick around and have a read... there are tons of posts in the archives (over 500 posts!) if you are really looking for something to keep you busy!

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