Thursday, July 9, 2015

Vociferous - An Update!

Thanks to everyone who liked and share the original Vociferous post. I've been thinking a lot about what I want this project to look like, and how I want it to function. I want it to be free to evolve as more people get involved and work with me - but as I begin I am going to start with a specific collaborative art project.

Do you know any women who are artists (of any kind!)? For this project it would be best if they were local to the GTA or Toronto. As mentioned - I'm especially looking to include women of colour, trans women, disabled women, mentally ill women, LGBT women and anyone who has been traditionally excluded from mainstream feminism. They would need to be willing to talk to me for 30 minutes and allow me to record and photograph our discussion. I have lots more details which I can share with them via email or phone!

I want to speak with them specifically about the idea of being an artist (comedian, dancer, creator etc) and a woman, and how these areas intersect. I also plan to discuss feminism and how it informs their work (if at all).

Lets make more art and explore new ideas.

Please email with any interest!

PS. I've set up a Twitter and Instagram which you can find below:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vociferous Art Project

Vociferous is an art project very much inspired by Toronto's Girls Art League (GAL) and their mission to empower girls and women through visual arts.

With this project I hope to explore ideas of beauty, belonging, self worth and feminism. 

I want to explore and highlight some of the areas of exclusion within the feminist movement including the exclusion of women of colour, trans women, disabled women, mentally ill women and women in challenging economic situations.

I'm still not entirely sure what this will look like, or how this will function, but I'm getting started and we will figure it out.

If you know any feminist artists, thinkers, poets, dancers, or creators... please send them my way! I am looking to collaborate in any way possible. I would especially love to work with women that identify as being members of any of the traditionally excluded groups listed above.

Please feel free to email me at, comment here, or tweet me @CarlyMFriesen with any suggestions.

Vociferous: (especially of a person or speech) Showing strong feelings; forceful, passionate, or intense