Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lady Artists of Toronto?

Hi Toronto! I'm still looking for lady artists to work with on my Vociferous Art Project!

Do you know any women who are artists (of any kind!)? It would be best if they were local to the GTA or Toronto. As mentioned - I'm especially looking to work with anyone who has been traditionally excluded from mainstream feminism. They would need to be willing to talk to me for 30 minutes and allow me to record and photograph our discussion.

I want to speak with them specifically about the idea of being an artist (comedian, dancer, creator etc) and a woman, and how these areas intersect. I also plan to discuss feminism and how it informs their work (if at all).

I have lots more details which I can share with them via email or phone!

Please send your artist friends my way! ASewcialLife@gmail.com

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